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For the past 15 years, I’ve been on a passionate quest to understand the root causes of mental health issues, depression and suicidal tendencies.

This journey has led me to many different studies including hypnosis, life coaching, NLP and acupressure.

When I came across material by Dr Pierre-Noel Delatte, there were several aspects of his work that put it together for me.

This was the breakthrough I’d been searching for and now I want to share with you.

He was a normal GP and observed many of his patients being healed psychologically as well as physically, but not from the drugs he prescribed but as a result of the acupuncture treatments he provided.

Then a few years ago, he wrote a book called 5 Point Therapy that described how patients overcome negative emotions such as depression and sadness through three stages:

  1. shifts in thinking
  2. re-balancing the organs in the body
  3. using pressure to stimulate the vital energy switches similar to acupuncture points.

Extensive testing and modifying his findings over the last four years, produced a series of modern-day programs using these ‘switches’ to relieve mental issues relating to anger, anxiety, fear and depression.

The programs are based on a combination of his work and more recent scientific studies using new instruments that can actually measure the vital energy points and verify his findings.

Because these switches can be done by yourself on your own body – they are called the Change Yourself programs.



In the body, there are channels of energy just under the skin called “meridians” that connect all of the organs, muscles, nervous system and everything to and from the brain.

The meridians act like a giant communication network similar to the wires in a computer that connect all the different parts.

What happens in these energy meridians?

  1. At certain places along these meridians, there are special points that act like switches.
  2. When a slight pressure is applied to these switches using fingers or thumbs, it sends an impulse of energy to the brain.
  3. This impulse of energy is like a trigger that stimulates specific parts of the brain to initiate the healing systems in the body that repair the organs.

How can I use switches?

  • Activating the switches is a simple and practical way to get rapid results that is easily done by anyone. You do not require any complicated equipment or in-depth training.
  • There are generally seven to nine switches that are activated in a program for each of the four main mental issues
  • Using the programs reduces the debilitating feelings of depression, anger, anxiety and fear.
  • Each program initiates the body’s own healing system that “repairs” the organs that produce the feelings.
  • The switches are activated simply by pressing on them and so they can be done by yourself – discreetly, anywhere, anytime and nobody else even needs to know.
  • Because it’s a very effective treatment with no side effects, it can be used safely on adults as well as children and even babies.

If you’re wondering which organs might be affecting you, click below and I’ll send you a Checklist you can try for yourself.


If you’re wondering which organs might be affecting you, click below and I’ll send you a Checklist you can try for yourself.

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