What to do when you are depressed when you’re at that point of  ‘I am depressed’, where is the feeling coming from?

  • Do you feel like you’re doubling over as if you have a knot inside your stomach?
  • Do you have a heavy feeling around your chest – as if your heart is aching?
  • Have you noticed your breathing is shallow and you sigh a lot when you’re depressed?

I want you to understand that being depressed is not because there is something wrong with your mind.

You feel depressed because the emotions are coming from your stomach, heart, lungs and kidneys.

How can this be true?

Firstly, you know the stomach stores the food you eat until it’s digested.

But you didn’t know the stomach stores information about everything that’s happened to you physically and emotionally.

It stores memories of things you were told as a child, things that happened to you in school, things that may have hurt you in the past.

Have you ever had a gut level feeling about something as if you “knew” it would happen?

This is because the stomach is like the computer in a car – it records all of the data and controls how the car performs.

When the stomach is overworked, it creates feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, mistrust and suspicion.

That’s why you have those gut-wrenching feelings when you’re depressed.

This then leads to what to do when depressed and how to fight depression using the break depression program.



  • You know how the heart produces emotions of love, joy and happiness.
  • When the heart is “broken” by things that happen, it produces sadness, sorrow, loneliness and feelings of being un-loved.
  • At the same time, your breathing becomes shallow so your lungs cannot absorb enough oxygen into the blood and that’s why you become tired, lethargic and no energy.
  • It’s also why you become “foggy headed” and you can’t think clearly, because your brain is being fed stale blood that’s lacking good quality oxygen.
  • You may notice aches and pains in your lower back during depression. This is coming from your kidneys.
  • It’s because the kidneys are stressed and cannot clean out the toxins in your body and you become “poisoned” with toxic thoughts of doom and gloom.

The Break Depression program is a natural treatment for depression which shows you what to do when depressed and show you how to fight depression and also relieve these symptoms.


The program called Break Depression helps to re-balance the parts of your body that create the emotions and gives you ways of how to fight depression – and you can change yourself within a few weeks.

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