Do you know that more than 3,000 people committed suicide in Australia last year? Of these, 60% were men. Our mission is to reduce those numbers.

A lot has changed from the days when blokes were taught not to talk about or show their emotions. There are far more support services and avenues for self development. Finding mental health support online is easier and men don’t need to be as macho or tough. Things are evolving.

But the reality is many men are still going through stuff and feel terribly alone. It’s important for us to let you know that we understand and there are many other men out there going through this. We’ve been through mental health crisis ourselves and know how it feels.

There's nothing wrong with getting help.

The Change Yourself is a depression self help program which is designed to help with depression, anger, anxiety and self confidence is available for you to try immediately online, and comes with our complete instructions and encouragement. When you’ve improved a little, you’re welcome to access more of our programs, information and online support.

The program works by activating specific sequences of ‘switches’ – or vital points – in the body to stimulate your healing system. When a switch is pressed, a signal is sent to your brain to stimulate your immune system to repair a particular part of the body. By activating these switches, you change both your physical state and mental well-being.

The most amazing thing is we can measure these impacts. Thanks to huge leaps in science and technology, particularly in the past decade, we have the equipment to measure energy in the body. We are able to prove there is a mind-body connection and that by influencing the body, we can transform our mental states.



If you’d known me back in the day, I was an engineer, a high-flying project manager working with men on construction sites for over 40 years. Then I owned a successful company preparing quality management systems.

I was working 14 to 16 hours a day, living away from home one to two months at a time, away from my two young kids. The stress of working this intensely culminated in a brain overload. My body started sending me signals to stop focusing on work and fix myself.

But it was too late. In my mid-forties, I had a total breakdown. A mental health crisis. My mind stopped working. I couldn’t even remember how to make a cup of coffee. My wife had already left by that time and I lost everything else – my company, my home and my mind. I lived on the gutter’s edge.

It took me three years to rebuild my mind and my life, but now, I know how to do it much faster. For the past 15 years, I’ve been on a mission to study the brain to find the cause of mental breakdown and depression – and how it can be avoided. I’ve taken courses in hypnotherapy, acupressure, kinesiology, life coaching, NLP and other natural healing ways.

My huge breakthrough came when I discovered that it’s the organs inside the body that generate the feelings we have, feelings such as anxiety or depression. So men’s problems are not caused by the way we think, but because certain parts of the body become overloaded due to food, drinking, smoking, worry and stress.

The Change Yourself is a depression self help program which can help with depression, anger, anxiety and self confidence challenges and it works by you activating your own natural healing process using ‘switches’, or pressure points, that have been shown scientifically in the last few years to stimulate the endocrine system. I’ve used these switches on myself and other men, so I know it works and it’s safe.

I am not saying the Change Yourself program is the only way you can improve.

What I am saying is that taking some kind of action right now is the only way you can begin the process of changing for the better.

I can say this because I am someone who’s been there myself, as an ordinary bloke who’s been through a lot of shit and come out on the other side – and now I want to help other men do the same.





If there’s one thing you take away from all this, it’s this: mental health problems are not created in your head. There is nothing wrong with the way they think. The cause of these issues is from your body.

You can use the Change Yourself program to reduce your feelings of depression, anger, anxiety and lack of confidence very quickly. We can help you:

  • how to calm down when angry
  • stop arguing with workmates and the boss
  • stop being pissed off with everything
  • regain your confidence
  • apply for new jobs
  • work through mental health crisis
  • overcome being depressed
  • avoid suicidal thoughts
  • change yourself so you can help others
  • have more peace and acceptance in your life
  • change your mental state and body to be happier and healthier
  • remove negative thoughts that makes you depressed and sick.

This is a proven technique, safe,  and easy to do in private so nobody else needs to know.


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